Membership Application
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All documents shall be submitted to:

A. Memorandum of Agreement

Each member of the New Jersey All Hazards Incident Management Team (NJ-AHIMT) is required to be an employee or active volunteer of a Participating Agency of the NJ-AHIMT. A Participating Agency is any State, county, municipal or tribal agency, Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), or private sector organization that has executed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM) to provide personnel, equipment, and/or vehicles to the NJ-AHIMT. If NJOEM does not have a MOA on file already for the applicant's agency, then the applicant must obtain a copy of the MOA from NJOEM and have it executed by their agency before their application will be considered. Applicant's can request a blank copy of the MOA via email at

B. NJ-AHIMT Application

Each applicant is required to submit a completed NJ-AHIMT Application. This application provides information about the applicant, their training, and their experience to ensure that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for NJ-AHIMT membership.

Minimum training requirements for membership:
Most current versions of ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, IS-700, and IS-800.

Additional training required to be deployable:
ICS-400 (most current version), USFA Type 3 All-Hazard Incident Management Team course (O-305), Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command System Interface (G-191), Hazardous Materials - Awareness, Critical Incident Stress Management, and at least one All-Hazards Position Specific course.

C. Supporting Documentation

A course completion certificate must be submitted for any course the applicant has completed. An Incident Action Plan (IAP) must be submitted for any event/incident(s) the applicant has participated in. In the event an IAP is not available, a description of the event/incident along with the applicants role and responsibilities shall be provided. Any other supporting documentation pertinent to the application may be submitted as well.


Applicant will receive an email indicating that the application was received, and if there were any issues with it (e.g. missing information or supporting documentation).

3. INTERVIEW (Optional)

Applicants may be interviewed by a panel of NJ-AHIMT members if any information contained in the application package needs clarification. If an interview is needed, the applicant will be contacted via email to schedule the interview.


Applicants will be informed of their acceptance or denial to the NJ-AHIMT via email.